28 de fev. de 2017

Interview with Michael Yandulov - Team Leader of the Unet-LAb-EVE Project

Michael Yandulov gave an interview to NetFindersBrasil talking about the future of the UnetLab-EVE Project:

01) What are the differences from EVE to Emulation Tools we have today? (VIRL, GNS3)

The main difference is a HTML5 UI and HTML5 console where you don’t need to install any client on your PC, but just use browser, the unique UI and its features. We are constantly working on the improvements.
The rest of the things is similar between all platforms, we all run virtual machines, interconnect them etc – the difference is user friendliness after all

02) What are the strategies to raise funds for the project? (Launching Add-ons, seeking sponsorship from manufacturers, etc.)

We are seeking for a sponsor or an investor, yes.
We also plan to release a Pro version that will include addons that can be purchased and won’t be available in the community version. Those addons will be mainly targeted to a learning centers and similar, regular user could live without them just fine, but if purchased, only benefit from it.

03) Could you tell us what the Premiuns Add-ons will be and what will be their functions?

In a later stage, first we want to polish and release fully working community version and after that we’ll start working on the Premium addons

04) Are there plans to offer services in Cloud?

Yes, we plan that, in time. We are just 3 ppl on that project, not full time job, and things takes time. That is one of the reasons we are in search of investor/sponsor.

05) How will EVE Licensing work for businesses and academic institutions? Will there be a paid version?

Paid will be addons only that will be added on the community version
Community version will stay free and open

06) What are the channels offered so that the users of the EVE take away their doubts and know more of the Platform
At the moment we are working on a new site that will combine forum etc, but for now channels are:
http://www.unetlab.com/ - the rest, forum, youtube etc can be found at the site tab CONTACT

07) Are there plans for the launch of Manual Documentation, Official Training, etc.?
Yes we do plan that, but it will take time. With the new site we plan to improve Documentation

08) Will EVE integrate with SDN Tools ?
If there will be a need, then of course, for now we don’t see a benefit.
Automation etc, of course can be done with the help of EVE, but today’s SDN tools are heave and require vast resource allocations.

09) EVE will allow integration with other Emulators (import / export of files or labs)

Yes, we do have plans for that

10) How does UKSM work? Will it really help users with simple hardware to run larger labs?

UKSM is a RAM dedup, approximately same feature as VIRL has that allows to run lots of nodes from the same kind and consume less RAM but deduping it.
So a user running EVE on a laptop with 16G RAM can benefit from running a large lab that in the past wasn’t supported on UNL or can’t be done in GNS/VIRL

Thank You Very Much! We will publish in our Blog and we will send you the link so that you are sure that we publish the answers in the whole.

Long life at UnetLab-EVE !!!

Michael Yandulov: Thanks buddy. :)

2 comentários:

Ciro disse...

Muito legal. Mais uma alternativa ao VIRL.

Ciro disse...

Muito legal. Mais uma alternativa ao VIRL.


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